Gifts for HIM for Love Day

Guys are very difficult to buy for on Valentine’s Day. I know that’s an absolute statement and I should probably refrain from that, but it is true in most cases. The years I have been with my husband he has received customized underwear for V-Day. They are cute and unique and jokes between us, but had I not discovered this option, I would constantly be at a loss.

Disclaimer : I have begged my hubs every year to be able to share pics of his undies I make him and he refuses. So I apologize I can’t share my creativity with you. He calls them his “affair proof” undies because usually my name is all over them. I find that hilarious!

So since I can’t share my creative undies with you, I have a few ideas of some things my man has grown to love and use that you can also buy for your guy.

1 and 2 Men's VDay Gifts

  1. Nahuala Tray by Noonday Collection : This tray is very versatile. I have seen people use it for serving at dinner parties or for their mail or for holding their keys and change. It has become a great place for my husband to drop his daily essentials at the end of the day.
    This piece is a very nice rustic addition to any decor or practical need.
    $18 (purchase today for delivery by Valentine’s Day) : Purchase HERE
  2. Ginew Key Accent by Ginew : My husband’s childhood friend started this amazing heirloom good company with his gorgeous wife. This Key Strap is incredible¬†and if you like it, you will LOVE his belts.
    Purchase Accessories HERE3 & 4 Men's VDay
  3. Muhanga Bowls by Local + Lejos : Some of the sturdiest and greatest bowls I have ever purchased. The small and medium ones are perfect for your man’s keys and watches and change.
    $14/$22 : Purchase HERE and HERE
  4. Stress Relief Cream by Bath & Body Works : My hubs has grown to love this cream for his hands and face. And I have to admit, it smells amazing and makes me want to cuddle with him all the more.
    Purchase Here : Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 8.0 oz Body CreamJust a few ideas of things your HE might like. Happy shopping!