About Me

My name is Krystal.
I am a wife to the coolest rock star drummer you will ever meet.
We brought home the cutest little Caribbean boy to love on for the rest of his days.
I love to travel and will go anywhere to seek new experiences.
I paint my nails more often than is necessary because I love ALL the colors.
I could read a book in the sun while listening to the waves of the ocean every single day of my life and never grow tired of it.
I have a Masters in Christian Leadership from Liberty University Theological Seminary.
I am an advocate for Holt International’s child sponsorship program.
I spend some of my free time in Washington, DC advocating for better orphan and vulnerable children legislation; as well as helping adoptive families navigate our Congressional system effectively.

Most importantly, I am a lover of all things that lift up the broken people and places of this world. From adoption, to fair trade jewelry, and even boots handmade in Guatemala, you will see me literally jump and squeal for joy when I experience these things at their finest.
My journey to become an adoptive mama has left scars I feel Jesus wants me to show and left impressions I believe Jesus wants me to share. I am not the same girl I was before I started this whole crazy journey to bring home a child.
Whether you read my blog or invite me to speak, I cannot wait to spend time with you. I believe God has something for you within my story and that is the best gift I could ever give you. I will do my best to wrap it in the prettiest packages possible :).

Wishing You God’s Grace & Paulette’s Prayers,


{all of the head-shot pictures you see of me on my website or of my Noonday Collection jewelry, were taken by the lovely Lillian of Lillian B Photography. If you live in Nashville or are ever in the area, look her up. She is amazing. Thanks so much Lillian!}

{my wedding photos were taken by my sweet friend Erin Alaine of Erin Alaine Photography. We love her so much! She is another great person to look up if you need a photographer.}