Letting Myself Rejoice In Good News

So….. We are having a baby!?!?!

While we were not surprised we were pregnant, there were a million emotions flooding me the moment we found out.

I am not the girl who ever wanted to be pregnant. My husband is not the guy who ever wanted a baby. Therefore, why would we ever try?

As the age old tales of couples who fall in love go though, you one day look at each other wondering if you will ever regret not having tried to have a baby together. That happened to us this past December.

JR & KR Baby Shoes

On top of it all, as we have been raising this spunky five year old, we see so many reasons he needs a sibling.

I want him to have a counterpart in this world and Jared and I both feel he needs to know this world is not all about him (so easy to slip into that when he is an only child).

Aiden & Baby Shoes

This summer, with a million things going on and circumstances changing in our family, we found out that we were adding another little Ribble to this small team we have created.

I was scared, nervous, excited, shocked, happy, and guarded all at the same time. I can’t begin to explain the weird feeling of being a full on mom in every way possible because I am raising a son, but at the same time having no knowledge or instincts about babies. I have no clue. However, that’s part of the journey and Jared and I get to go on it together.

I am choosing to see the unknown as a good place instead of a scary place. Most people would say that about raising a 5 year old Caribbean boy; instead I say that about having a biological baby. HA!

KR and Baby Pumpkin

As soon as we found out I was expecting, I immediately started preparing myself to lose the baby. Jared begged me to stop putting myself through such emotional distress, but my mind and heart were just torn. I couldn’t enjoy any of it. Some of these emotions had to do with the “first pregnancy” risks. Most of it had to do with something else all together.

You see, I have been on the journey of becoming/being a mom for four years now. In those four years, I have lost three children in the adoption process and only brought one home.

I know more about losing a child than I do about gaining one. 

My natural inclination was to prepare myself to lose this baby. My doctor has been amazing at putting my fears at ease and walking softly with us through this journey.

We found out just over a week ago that our baby was a boy and at that moment was when so many things came into perspective for me. I could finally let down a lot of guards and begin to enjoy him a little.

I knew immediately when I heard it was a boy that God had a great plan for this little one and that we were going to be so honored to be his cheerleaders on the sideline. I feel the same about Aiden every time I look at him.

Three Ribbles with Baby Shoes

So now, I am a legit BOYMOM. Through and through. I have a little baby inside that won’t stop moving and kicking and jumping (even for every ultrasound, he moves like crazy) and I have an almost six year old at home who has so much energy and spontaneity that it is difficult to keep up sometimes.

All that to say… apparently I am the mom of two very active boys.

KR, Aiden, & Baby

Begin praying for me now. : )

Thanks for rejoicing with us friends!

(oh and in case you are wondering : I am halfway through my pregnancy. Our little boy is due March 14th.)


(thank you to our amazing friend Kelsey Kirkegaard {www.wanderershearth.com} for capturing our gender reveal photos. I love watching you with Aiden and I CAN NOT WAIT to see you with your son Akers as soon as he is home from India!)

6 thoughts on “Letting Myself Rejoice In Good News

  1. Leanne says:

    Congratulations! Mike and I are so excited for you guys. Sit back and enjoy this awesome time. (When you are not actually chasing Aiden, that is. )

    • KR says:

      Thank you Leanne! We are hoping to come visit once the baby is born so hopefully early next year we can stop by with both boys. I know you all know what a blessing two little boys can be! 🙂 We love and miss you all!

  2. royalenetrader says:

    Tears!!, what a blessing!! Congratulations to all of you!! Boys, Boys.
    Enjoy every moment the Lord is giving you.

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