Orphan Advocacy

If there is one thing I have learned on my journey to adopt, it is that the little orphans I was seeing needed a voice. I have had the extreme privilege to visit some orphanages and love on these little kiddos. You see in their eyes the longing for someone to speak for them; for someone to tell the world their plight.

I am totally that girl for these orphans.

krystal in ukraine
If you are around me for just a few minutes you will know my heart beats for an orphan.; and usually not for just one at a time.  My heart beats so that I can tell people like you (yes you, reading this) about their little souls and their longing to have a mom and dad.

I partnered with Holt International to become an advocate for the children they represent. Holt is an adoption agency, but they also have a sponsorship program where you can give to a specific child in need.

With Holt International, you have the opportunity to sponsor a few different types of children.
Two of these programs are summarized here:
1. There are programs for children who are currently with their families but need some extra stability so they are not orphaned
2. There are programs where the children are already orphans and they need someone to help take care of them until they have a forever family of their own.

I love everything that Holt does and this is the place where you will see me advocating for those precious kiddos. If you are already compelled by what I have said and want to sponsor, please send me a message through my contact page.                                                                              

**Stay tuned to this page for upcoming trips and tangible ways you can be a part of my work with orphans around the world.**