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Author & Speaker

Hey, I'm Krystal!

I am a wife and a mom. 

I am a freelance writer, an author, a Bible teacher, and a speaker. 

Some of my favorite things include: traveling to seek new experiences, painting my nails more often than necessary because I love ALL the colors, and if I could, I would read a book in the sun while listening to the waves of the ocean every single day of my life.

My writing aims to breathe new life into and bring a modern understanding to the stories you’ve read about in the Bible all your life, showing you how those stories are still relevant today.

My work builds on experiences mentoring college-aged students, being a wife and mom, and advocating for orphans and vulnerable children across the United States.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology and Health Care Management from North Greenville University and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School.

My husband and I live in Nashville, Tennessee where we love to play tennis together and spend every moment possible with our four boys. 

What I Do

I am an advocate for Holt International’s child sponsorship program. Their work to strengthen families and care for orphans is quite phenomenal. 

I have spent some of my free time in Washington, DC advocating for better orphan and vulnerable children legislation; as well as helping adoptive families navigate our Congressional system effectively. This was a prominent part of our story to become parents and means a lot to me to be able to help families when possible. 

I spend most of my time now writing, speaking, and taking care of my family. 

Together, we can do great things. I have books, courses, and videos that are here to help you on your journey.

Most importantly, I am a lover of all things that lift up the broken people and places of this world. I long to see the church love it’s people well and I seek to show people the place carved out in God’s Kingdom just for them.

Whether you read one of my books or invite me to speak, I cannot wait to spend time with you.


Wishing You God’s Grace & Paulette’s Prayers,


© 2022 Krystal Ribble

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