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For times when the world seems to be on pause, Christian leader, mentor, and author Krystal Ribble pairs biblical stories with the current familiar waiting periods of our lives, showing how we can be sure that God is with us while we wait.

Now more than ever, Sit and Wait seems to be on everyone's agenda. Weaving stories of waiting from familiar Bible characters, Love Me in the Waiting helps readers to consider that the waiting times in life are always full of purpose, even if they aren't seen or felt. In Love Me in the Waiting readers will be encouraged as they wait, learning how they can benefit from the timeless wisdom of those who waited before us. In doing so, they can draw strength and comfort from these collected stories and know they're not alone in the waiting seasons.

When your patience has worn thin or you're beginning to doubt God will be around for you, take heart from the pages of scripture. This book shows that modern experiences of waiting are similar in many ways to those who have come before and that we have more in common with our spiritual ancestors than we realize. God will never waste a minute of your waiting, and Love Me in the Waiting provides a reminder of that truth for us all.

With cozy images and biblical truths, this full-color Advent gift book ushers in the arrival of this sacred holiday season, guiding readers in welcoming Christ into every space of the home.

Where family and friends coexist, worship, and play, there too is room for Christ to dwell. In Dwell: Celebrate the Arrival of Advent at Home, readers are invited to spend five weeks preparing for Christmas. Each of the five weeks moves through the rooms of a home the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Activity Space, and Christmas Space with five days of entries for each week.

These daily readings will provide readers and homemakers with biblical truths, memorable activities, and images that are both cozy and inviting, guiding families through the Advent season. Let it guide the thoughts, conversation, and celebration, as readers prepare for the Messiah's arrival and begin a new Christmas tradition.

**SPECIAL: 4 Book Combo Pack

In this inspiring and approachable book, Krystal Ribble presents a concise story of the not-so-glamorous moments when couples longing to be parents needed their church the most and were forsaken. She then offers simple solutions of how the church can love them better and help them heal along the way.

In The Church's Orphans: How the Church Can Protect Couples Longing for Parenthood you will find:

  • An overview of the problem the church has of unknowingly "orphaning" its parishioners

  • Real-life stories of couples longing to have children who have been hurt by the church and its people; corporately and individually

  • 5 "rearview mirrors" that are solutions to how we can love these couples better instead of placing them in our "blind spots"

The Church's Orphans is perfect for church leaders at all levels, couples who have infertility as a part of their story, and family members/ friends who want to better support their loved ones walking this road.

If you are looking for a go-to resource to educate staff or family/friends on how to love couples walking the road of infertility better, look no further.

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